Christmas musings

custardIt’s been four days since Christmas and I’ve finally worked up the energy to write a blog post. I love the laziness that the Christmas period engenders. Abundant leftovers means that dinners are cobbled together, time off work means that everyone is socialising, and said socialising and leftovers leaves people feeling pooped.


This is just a little recap of all things Christmas-related, and a hint of things to come.

In the lead up to Christmas I made dad’s famous Christmas pudding with him (it’s a yearly tradition), you can find the recipe here.


I also experienced some Swedish Christmas cooking and attended a Swedish Christmas eve party, which was delicious!




I also dropped (and broke) my computer at the same time that I was busy baking up a Christmas storm. I didn’t get to post all of my Christmas recipes as a result, but will save them for another time.

I had a recipe card done up for me by, and am very excited about it! I hope to continue working with House in the future.

Christmas day was held at my family’s home; Norman was very festive, there was food galore, we had a Christmas tree inside, and one decorated outside as well.


shameless selfie


Mum made a gorgeous mango and lychee salad and I promise that I’ll steal the recipe from her before Summer ends.


I consumed far too much of the glorious Christmas pudding that we’d made, and found one of Simone Walsh’s adorable pudding coins in my piece!!

merry coin

The final winner of my teapot competition has been in touch, and all will be sent off tomorrow! The other three winners were announced here, but Gemma had a busy Christmas period and accepted her teapot only recently.

redGemma won the red teapot because of her enthusiastic response – she associated the colour red with my nurses uniform – I love my career, would never do anything else! My granny shopping trolley that I had to purchase at the good food and wine show, you gotta love it for helping carry shopping up 6 flights of stairs!!!
My Harrods Christmas bauble, has set the theme for this year’s decs #obsessedbychristmas”

Christmas time is a big deal in my family, and I love sharing my recipes, decorations and experiences with my readers. I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas!

3 thoughts on “Christmas musings”

  1. Sounds like you had a fantastic Christmas Gab! Haha, love the ‘selfie’, you’ve included a fantastic array of Christmasy shots 🙂 The food looks amazing. Particularly love your mum’s tropical fruit platter, yum! Sorry to hear about the computer. Hope it’s ok/fixable? All the best for new year next week! xx

    1. Merry Christmas Claire! I’m sorry I didn’t see your message until now! Norman was very cute, he had a busy Christmas 🙂 I hope you had a happy Christmas and new year! Can’t wait to see more Black Cat Kitchen posts!

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