Recipe testing and a tea giveaway

Yay! Competition time! I used to love entering competitions. Actually, I still do, I just don’t often find the time to do so. If I weren’t at a distinct advantage with this giveaway, I would totally enter it myself.

I’m currently recipe testing for cakes that will feature on my (currently non-existent) Etsy shop, so I don’t have a recipe for you all. I do have progress pictures though, and I’m super excited about the process! I’m going for vintage-style, flower-garnished tiered cakes. After the success of my three tiered vanilla cake recently, I was inspired to perfect this vanilla and rose cake.





I’ll just leave those there.

Perfection is not my aim, and fondant is not even close to being on the cards. I’m a buttercream revivalist, a naked cake enthusiast, a tea-party-appropriate cake connoisseur.

And I could not be more enthusiastic about it!

If you’re interested in buying a cake like this, you can email me at as the Etsy store isn’t up and running yet. Drop me a line, I’d love to chat.

Back to competition though.

higher living tea rangeTea and cute things – what more could you want out of a giveaway?

In this giveaway you have the chance to win part of a $200 prize pack – so get your thinking hats on!

First place will win $50 worth of Higher Living Herbal Tea and $30 worth of Foddies baked goods.

foddies 2Second place will receive $50 worth of Higher Living Herbal Tea and a gorgeous tea towel from DeeDub Designs, pictured below in my Oreo ice cream sandwich shoot.


Third place will win $50 worth of Higher Living Herbal Tea.

All I want to know from you is what your favourite tea is and why – tell me what flavours you love (make up a combination if you want!) For example, strong English Breakfast is one of my favourites because it makes me think of spending time at my cousins’ farm, out in the paddocks and the warmth that tea, straight from the thermos, brought when it was time for a tea break.

25 words or less – start typing!

Winning is easy – make sure you like Baking with Gab on Facebook, then email your answer to with the subject line “More tea, please!”

About the prizes:

higher living teaHigher Living Herbal Tea are a brand that I came across when I was living in England. Their packaging is divine and their teas are delightful. They’re currently stocked in Woolworths, but they’ve only got a limited range of teas right now. The full range can be found on their UK website, and you can try Higher Living Cinnamon, Ginger Kick, Evening, Licorice and Vitality right now. Once you’ve tried their teas, you’ll be petitioning to get the other flavours into Australia as well!

Foddies are a fairly new company with a fabulous focus – they provide delicious baked goods to people who suffer from Fructose Malabsorption. Their treats give people who would otherwise be limited in their options for sweets a delicious alternative. They’re also super lovely to deal with, check out their treats here.

Dee Dub Designs are a company I’ve worked with very recently (you may have seen the tea towel in my Oreo ice cream sandwich post) and have a gorgeous range of printed tea towels, cushions and more. I fell in love with the We All Scream For Ice Cream! Tea towel because of its adorable graphics and pastels.

This competition can also be found on Win Free Stuff. 

*Terms and conditions:
You must follow Baking with Gab on Facebook to be eligible to enter.
This competition is open to Australian readers only.
Only one entry per person is allowed . The winner will be picked based on merit of answer , no discussion will be entered into regarding the winner chosen.
Competition closes April 19th at 11:59pm AEST. The winner will be contacted via email before being announced on Facebook. Failure to respond to notification of winning within seven days will result in a new winner being chosen.

8 thoughts on “Recipe testing and a tea giveaway”

  1. Vanilla rooibos! I can’t have caffeine, but rooibos lets me drink tea, and it’s so wonderful to have a cup of tea in the morning.

  2. Green Jasmine Tea as it reminds me of my grandma. Way before the super food craze my grandma’s house smelt of green jasmine tea. Because she could only source green tea and jasmine tea separately, she would mix the two together and brew a big tea pot that would nestle in a silver bucket lined with silk cloth and padding shaped to fit the tea pot. You would plop the lid of the bucket on and it would stay warm for hours.

    When she would babysit me every weekend it was our ritual to have tea, Asian cakes and play cards. She taught me how to play cards and drink tea at the age of 4! Grandma is slowly losing her memory so we can’t play cards any more. But we still have the odd pot of tea when I have the chance to visit her interstate.

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