Unbirthdays and tea parties

I hinted last week that there was a friend’s birthday coming up soon. It was on Tuesday. So on Wednesday we threw an unbirthday party. She’s not a fan of birthdays (crazy, I know), but she loves Alice in Wonderland – how could I resist an unbirthday/Mad Hatter’s themed party?!

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This friend is opposite to me in so many ways and her intense dislike of birthdays is a big difference. I love birthdays and everything associated with them; I like cakes, sharing presents, wrapping paper, candles, balloons, sparklers, gathering loved ones, the whole lot. She doesn’t. So we kept it small, but I threw in as many subtle birthday related things as possible.


strainerWater balloons atop the Chocolate and Vanilla cake substituted real balloons (and looked super cute) and sprinkles are appropriate on any occasion!


balloon cake

 Queen of Hearts tarts gave a nod to Lewis Carroll’s original Alice in Wonderland, tic toc biscuits (not made by me) were perfect to hint at the White Rabbit and vanilla melting moments…they’re just  delicious, I don’t really have an excuse for them!


tic tocs

We also had some finger sandwiches and dips for when we needed a break from sweetness!


punch glassWe drank way too much tea and have probably shortened our life expectancies with the amount of sugar and butter that was involved in the tea party, but it was worth it!




There were also lolly bags to end the day – unbirthdays need party bags as well!

lolly bags

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