Berry & Mint lemonade party punch!

This punch doesn’t need much explanation because it is so simple. You can adjust it to suit your needs as well. I made this punch alcohol-free (although Pimms was added to it as the tea party wore on!), so it would be perfect for a child’s or an adult’s party. The Mint and berries add a vibrant splash of colour, but they also give it a great flavour.

punch glass (1024x683)


As the ice cubes melt, more and more flavour will be released into the lemonade until all you’re left with is some berries and mint leaves floating around. The mint and berries complement the lemonade perfectly because they tone down the sweetness of it and add a depth of flavour.

If you want a simple but stunning punch to serve at your next party, try this!

Ice cubes:

  • 1 ½ cups water (depending on how big your ice cube trays are)
  • ¾  cup mint
  • 1 cup mixed frozen berries


  • 4 parts lemonade
  • 1 part creaming soda

Make your ice cubes the night before, or the morning of your party. You want the ice cubes to be properly frozen before you put them in the punch.
mintFill your ice cube trays, wash your mint and make sure your berries are as frozen as possible to avoid their colour bleeding out too much. Put berries and mint in the ice cubes – mix them up however you like, the colour combinations of berries and mint look beautiful! Pop them in the freezer until they’re frozen.overhead

When your party is about to start, grab your punch bowl and mix your lemonade and creaming soda together. I used about a 2 litres of lemonade and 500ml of creaming soda.

It’s that easy!

I made 36 ice cubes, the amount of berries and mint may vary depending on how many ice cubes you make, how big they are and how much you pack them with berries/mint. I put 2-3 mint leaves in mint only ice cubes and 5-7 berries in each berry only ice cube. For mixed mint and berry ice cubes I put 1-2 small mint leaves in 3-4 berries in. Your mixed berries will be all different sizes, so just find a quantity that works for you.

unfrozenTry not to over-pack your ice cubes because you want a contrast between the ice and the berries and mint frozen inside them.

See the punch in action here.


3 thoughts on “Berry & Mint lemonade party punch!”

  1. hey Gab,
    will the flavour be the same if i make it up fresh and don’t freeze the ingredients? i dont have ice things, but was hoping to make some of your drinks for my afternoon tea party this sunday…

    1. Hey Elise and Matt, you don’t have to freeze the ingredients, but they tend to bleed colour less if they’re frozen. If you don’t have ice trays, you could freeze the fruit in a container. Or try freezing the mint with water on a shallow tray and then shattering the resulting sheet of ice that you end up with. Good luck!!

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