Strawberry melting moments (recipe in progress)

I made some strawberry melting moments yesterday. But something just wasn’t quite right. The scent you get when mashing strawberries is lost in the baking process. While the passionfruit melting moments recipe works perfectly, the strawberry version falls short. The biscuits were a little too floury and dense. I’m hesitant to use strawberry flavouring, I’d prefer to make use of the real thing!

I made a lime filling (anticipating that the strawberry sweetness would need a zesty complement), but it was wasted on the beautiful little dense dough balls. I still have photos of it all, and love the flecks of strawberries peppered throughout the biscuits…just no recipe today. I’ll continue to work on the recipe thought, I’m appreciating the volume of strawberries that my experimenting requires me to have in the house!


Watch this space…




giant melting moment


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