Mini egg Easter doughnuts and a healthy Easter

mini egg doughnuts (14 of 14)
I told people who lingered over the plate of these delights that they were healthy doughnuts – there’s yoghurt in them and they’re baked! Most people laughed at me, so I explained that they’re healthy-ish…healthier than a regular fried doughnut, anyway.

They’re kind of like a little cake doughnut, which you’ll know I’m a fan of if you’ve seen my earl grey or Nutella doughnuts.
I like the idea that you can eat seconds because they’re a tiny bit better for you. I stress teeny tiny. Did I mention that I’ve started a little health kick? Continue reading “Mini egg Easter doughnuts and a healthy Easter”

Chocolate beetroot cupcakes and adventure

Beetroot cupcakes (10 of 13)

Before you think “ew, beetroot in cupcakes”, please read this! I’m going to try and convince you that these adorable little suckers deserve a place in your heart AND your baked goods.

Beetroot cupcakes (1 of 13)

I love a good adventure. Every now and then, something in my brain just clicks and I feel the need for a change. The last time it happened, I ended up in Europe on a whim (which was a completely magical result that I still need to post blogs about). My little brain snaps usually happen on a smaller scale, though. They’re not usually as costly as last-minute flights! Continue reading “Chocolate beetroot cupcakes and adventure”

Pear frangipane tarts and appearances

flowersThe photoshoot for these tarts was a mess. I mean, it started off gorgeously, but the wild wind meant that it soon deteriorated into a big mess. Those petals that look so daintily placed on the plate? That wasn’t in my original plan. I love the look of them, I just dislike that the wind resulted in my flowers being completely blown over!

It got me thinking about appearances – the petals look lovely, but they were never meant to be. These tarts are similarly deceptive; they’re delicious little show-stoppers, but they’re SO easy to make! They’re the perfect balance of everything; pastry and filling, sweetness and sophistication. And they’re a cinch to make.

I kid you not. Continue reading “Pear frangipane tarts and appearances”

Cardamom and chocolate hot cross buns and Easter this year.

singleHappy Easter everyone! I hope you’re having a wonderful day, wherever you are, whatever you’re doing. I wanted to post these traditional Easter treats today for two reasons – one, they’re delicious. Two, they’re a little twist on tradition when Easter this year is out of the ordinary for us. Usually we have a big family gathering and an Easter egg hunt for the adorable little cousins, but this year we’re keeping it low key.

We started the morning decorating our Easter tree (which we put up every year) and had a long, lazy breakfast of poached eggs on toast. Continue reading “Cardamom and chocolate hot cross buns and Easter this year.”

Nutella choc chip biscuits and World Nutella Day

choc chipsFebruary 5th. Put it in your diary. World. Nutella. Day.

Did you know this was a thing? I discovered it last year, and have set myself a reminder a week in advance in my phone so that I never forget it. What a glorious day! It’s been around since 2007, but I only started celebrating it last year. I have so much Nutella-loving to catch up on!

Part of the reason I love it so much is that it gives me an excuse to bake with Nutella. Continue reading “Nutella choc chip biscuits and World Nutella Day”

Lamington ice cream bars and Australian classics

plateThese frosty delights were supposed to be posted on Australia Day. And here were are, January 29th, and they’re only just being posted.


My excuse? I completely forgot. I have no excuse, other than I was having far too lovely a weekend to be glued to my computer. Sorry, fellow bakers! If you don’t follow me on Instagram (you should!) you’d have missed out on my weekend. It was filled with food, dogs, board games, laughter, and more cheese than I care to admit. Continue reading “Lamington ice cream bars and Australian classics”

Mint slice cupcakes and Australian recess treats

closeMy primary school little lunches will stay with me forever. The company was pleasant enough, but it was always the food that got me excited (what a little piggy!)

There was a period of about two weeks when I was around 10 where we had those tiny little tubs of Nutella that you ate with a tiny paddle. Mum must have been feeling rich when she was doing the shopping, because my two brothers and I NEVER got those in our lunches. Continue reading “Mint slice cupcakes and Australian recess treats”

Watermelon smoothies and hot hot heat

glassThis past week has been unbearably hot. I love living in Australia, and I love Summer, but I do not love humidity. Today was the first day in a few weeks where we had glorious dry heat. It was amazing.

I made these watermelon smoothies early in December and forgot to post them. Today’s heat reminded me that I needed them in my life again. As much as I’m missing delicious baked goods, I find it hard to justify turning on the oven in this heat! Salads, beverages and ice blocks are topping my “to make” list recently.  Continue reading “Watermelon smoothies and hot hot heat”

Chocolate spider webs and lacking fondant skills

freshOne thing I notice about lots of Halloween-themed baked goods is that they often require fondant skills – something that I definitely don’t have. While I wish that I had the dexterity to craft mini pumpkins or witches hats out of fondant, I just don’t. So I stick to basic decorations… chocolate I can work with! The great thing about these spider webs is that you don’t even need a piping bag, you can just use a snaplock bag. Continue reading “Chocolate spider webs and lacking fondant skills”