60th birthdays and teddy racers

pomIt was my father’s birthday 60th today. I didn’t post much over the weekend because we had what can only be described as a Neil Quirk-athon. He played golf with my brothers and the boy on Saturday morning and we lunched afterwards. Then on Sunday he had old friends over to celebrate the big birthday.

And today I made him his grandmother’s chocolate cake. Suffice to say, he has been celebrated  to last him until he is 70.

The cupcake recipe has already been posted here, and the chocolate cake recipe will be posted tomorrow.

In the meantime, here is the recipe for some teddy racers and lots of photos from the weekend. Enjoy!





Cutest card from Dad’s students (complete with mispelling of his name!)



Teddy racers:

red ted

  • Two packets of mini Mars bars
  • One box of Tiny Teddies
  • One large bag of smarties
  • 50g chocolate

You can make the racers in whatever quantity you want – all you need to ensure is that you have one teddy and five smarties for each Mars Bar.

teddy chocUnwrap all of the mini Mars Bars and use a sharp, thin knife to slice a hole wide enough to place a teddy in two thirds of the way down the Mars Bar. Grab enough teddies to fill the drivers’ seats and gently push them into the gap. You may get some cracks in the Mars Bars, but don’t stress.

Melt your chocolate in the microwave. When your chocolate is melted, grab a teaspoon and coat the tip of the back of the spoon with chocolate. Dab each of the five Smarties with a small amount of chocolate, placing startthem like tyres and a steering wheel as you go. Set them down on a plate and pop them in the fridge when they’re all complete.

But watch out, while they’re in the fridge some of them might try and drive off!!

Tip: here are four things not to do – don’t overdo it on the chocolate, you don’t want your teddies to drown; when you’ve made 20 or so racers they all start to look the same, but don’t forget to attach steering wheels; try to pick teddies that are facing the right way, teddy number three looks like he’s about to get out of the car; don’t shove the teddies too far down, you want them to be able to see over the steering wheel!

Teddy no no’s

Other than that, these teddies are super easy and fun! These little teddy racers would be great for a children’s birthday party, you could make them with the kids as well! Don’t think that they’re restricted to young ones though, Dad’s friends (and my brothers and I) munched happily on them – these racers are all ages appropriate!lined up

I bought all of my ingredients at Aldi, and the ingredients I picked bear an uncanny resemblance to products most people would know as Mars bars, Tiny Teddies and Smarties. It doesn’t matter whether you use knock-offs or the branded ones, these teddy racers will still taste delicious.


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