Birthday recap and jam ramblings

frameI spoke about preparing for the Boy’s birthday last post. The melting moments were sent off to his work (and Instagrammed by me, obviously) and thoroughly enjoyed by his work mates. I was informed that the vanilla melting moments were better than the chocolate – the chocolate ones are too cakey, you need a glass of milk to accompany them. Duly noted!

saladThis post is just a catch up of his birthday – which means no recipe, sorry friends! The boy requested salad and a sponge cake for his birthday meal and I’m fine with doing salads, it’s the sponge that irritates me. I can whip up multi-layered cakes without too much fuss, but sponges leave me stumped for some reason. My neighbour tells me that they’re temperamental, and weather dependent…I just think that sponges have it in for me. I made the sponge and it was OKAY, but the real star of the dessert was the jam that I used! The Boy loves blackberry jam and I’d one a jar of it when I entered a competition run by A Slice of Orange, so I spooned the jam generously in between the two sponge layers on top of the cream filling. The sponge featured in the pictures below is from a recipe I’ve posted before, and you can find the jam (if you’re interested), heredribble

I wish that I hadn’t been so generous with the jam, because there is hardly any of it left! I seriously want to bathe in this jam. Okay, that was a slight exaggeration, but I am a little bit in love with it. You can see whole blackberries when you look in the jar, you feel the little pockets of juiciness burst in your mouth as you chew. I think I may have to drive back to Orange to pick up some more!


Jam aside, there was good food and company and the Boy received lots of attention. He got my slightly odd present and loved it – he had asked for a boat for his birthday, but seeing as that is completely out of the question, I bought him a porcelain boat desk organiser. I’m hilarious, right?

Luckily he loves me despite my terrible sense of humour.


I also bought him teeny tiny lego blocks that made meerkats – they’re called nano blocks or something. Given my unemployed status, I told him that this birthday would be a home-made one, which is why I put so much effort into his birthday dinner!

sliceHere is photographic proof why I dislike sponges so much – if you sandwich them, they spurt their filling everywhere! Is there a solution to this? I feel as though there has to be quite a simple one, I just haven’t discovered it yet.

And if you were wondering where my gorgeous bunting came from, I recently discovered a wonderful store online called Penny Lane Studio – they do bunting and garlands and wooden spoons and all manner of cute things! I plan to be purchasing a few things for the blog from them, luckily their products are pretty kind to my wallet!

I’m using their cake bunting in my second unbirthday party post, keep an eye out for them!

4 thoughts on “Birthday recap and jam ramblings”

    1. Haha you out forward a convincing case, I might have to give yours a go! I’m yet to give chocolate sponges a go, plain sponges have given me such grief that I haven’t explored any further!

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