Marshmallow bunnies and Easter excitement

huddleGuys. I’m so excited about Easter. I ate a Crème Egg last night and I can’t contain the excitement any longer. As soon as I cave and eat an Easter egg, I can’t help but get excited. The Easter flood gates have officially opened!

This year’s Easter is going to be quieter than years gone by; we don’t have much planned. My cousins usually bring their kids over, which results in much cuteness (see instagram for exhibit A)

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Easter egg hunt!

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But this year we’ve decided to have a quiet one.

That’s not going to stop me though! Easter makes me gravitate towards colours and patterns. I can’t help but want to put sprinkles on everything! I had a play with sprinkles and slow-mo video recently and had SO MUCH FUN!

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Easter = use ALL the sprinkles!

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No matter how restrained you are with sprinkles, you always make a mess. So I went outside so I could pour them everywhere. Poor Norman didn’t understand the deluge of sprinkles that rained down from the table and onto him!

Sprinkles are also an important part of my first Easter recipe (yayyy!) Teeny little marshmallow rabbits. They also kind of look like cats, but I don’t really mind. Marshmallow ambiguity isn’t necessarily a bad thing! They’re really easy, and can be eaten as a treat on their own, or as a decoration for cupcakes, or a nice Easter pav (like the one I made last year.)

Marshmallow bunniessingle

  • 250g marshmallows (I used Pascall)
  • 20g milk chocolate
  • 3 tbsp sprinkles

earsEmpty your marshmallows onto a plate and grab a sharp pair of scissors. Chop a line about half way into the marshmallow, then rotate it slightly and cut another line into the centre so that you have a triangle of marshmallow that can be removed. Set the triangle aside (or eat it, up to you) and repeat with the remaining marshmallows.

Pour your sprinkles into a small cup and set to one side.

Grab your chocolate and melt it in the microwave. Scoop the melted chocolate into a piping bag or a snap lock bag and snip off a tiny corner. Working quickly, pipe a line of chocolate up each of the ears of a quarter of the marshmallows. Grab the marshmallows you’ve just put chocolate on and dip them into the sprinkles so that sprinkles stick to the chocolate. You may wish to squeeze the ears together so that the sticky inside doesn’t also pick up sprinkles. Pipe on two little triangle eyes and a mouth. The mouth is pretty much just the letter “w” with a long middle stroke.

previewGrab the next quarter of the marshmallows and draw on their ears, dip them in sprinkles, then draw on their eyes and mouths. Repeat.  Pop them all in the fridge for about 15 minutes to set the chocolate and then devour them (if you can overcome their cuteness enough to consume them!)

These simple little bunnies are the perfect Easter recipe for kids, just make sure you give them a hand with the part involving scissors.

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