Work with me

I love having the opportunity to work with producers, artists, charities, cafes and more. If you’d like me to:

  • Create a recipe
  • Attend your event
  • Develop content
  • Style your food
  • Feature your product
  • Visit somewhere delicious
  • Get involved with your cause

Just shoot me an email – – I’m happy to discuss most proposals.

I value the integrity of my blog and opt for full disclosure when telling my readers about products or opportunities I have been presented through the blog.

Click below to see instances where I’ve partnered with other companies:

Producers: Cobs Popcorn, Bondi Chai, Bonne Maman

Creatives/companies: Illume Design, Cristina Re, House, Menulog

Cafes – Mooberry, Brewtown Newtown

Charities/events:  Cake Bake and Sweets Show 2014, Camp Quality

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