Worms in mud cupcakes and more Halloween ideas

labelLast year for Halloween I made spooky cupcakes. There were ghosts, spider webs, grave yards, brains and mummies. I couldn’t find any photos of them, except for this one on Instagram. I’m an Instagram tragic, I know.

I really enjoyed making the tombs look like they were in dirt…mainly because I adore chocolate sprinkles. So I used them again! This time I created worms in mud cupcakes – they’re about as gross as I want to make my food look. They’re still pretty cutesy, but more importantly, they taste delicious!!

You’ll need:

  • tail1 chocolate cupcake mixture
  • Vanilla buttercream (150g butter, 2 cups icing sugar, 1 tsp vanilla)
  • Worm lollies
  • Chocolate sprinkles

When you’ve got your cupcakes baked and cooled (I used these chocolate cupcakes so they look like mud), whip the butter, icing sugar and vanilla together until smooth and pale. You can add cocoa to the buttercream to make it look more like dirt, but I don’t like to make people think they’re eating actual dirt too much, so I leave the chocolate sprinkles to contrast against the white buttercream.

Pipe or spoon enough buttercream onto each cupcake to cover it generously and then sprinkle them liberally with chocolate sprinkles. I like chocolate sprinkles, so I’m of the belief that the more you use, the better!

peepoGrab your worms and cut them in half. Stick one worm piece (head or tail, it doesn’t matter) about 1cm half into each cupcake haphazardly so it looks like they’re poking out of or burrowing into the mud – and you’re done! Not only do you have delicious cupcakes, there’s a little lolly squirming about in there as well!

wormsHow do you feel about scary or gross Halloween cupcakes? Would you eat worms in mud cupcakes?

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