Pear recipes and perfecting

eggsIt’s no secret that I love pears. I continued to eat Golden Valley pear puree well into high school because I loved it so much – I may have looked like I was eating baby food, but I didn’t care!

I also love caramel, so I recently tried to make pear caramel. It was a success (and it was delicious!), but there wasn’t a great output for the amount of pear that I put in. I’m going to continue to work on the recipe because I want to get it perfect before I share it.

trioBrace yourselves for the final recipe, because it’s going to be glorious.

In the mean time, I’m writing a post solely dedicated to pears (because I’m currently in Cairns and don’t have time to get the recipe right just yet.)

Fellow pear lovers, rejoice!

The feeling of pear juice running down my wrist is a nostalgic one for me. It reminds me of hot days and messy school lunches, of Summer outings and family gatherings. They’re beautiful to cook with or eat raw… they’d definitely have to be one of my favourite fruits!

slicePear and chocolate make an unbeatable pairing; this chocolate pear bread makes the most of this pair because it doesn’t crowd them with too many other flavours. The brown sugar in it adds a caramel edge to the bread. This bake is best eaten fresh out of the oven…it doesn’t tend to last much longer than that in my house!

fluffyEarl grey poached pear muffins make the most of the sweet notes of the pears by poaching them in floral earl grey tea. I struggled to find a good poached pear recipe to put in this recipe, so I ended up making up my own, and I didn’t regret it! This recipe is moist and fragrant without being too sweet, a fabulous testament to the humble pear!

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