Blood spattered meringues

I don’t rate horror movies. I’m a massive wimp. I startle easily and I make involuntary “eeps” when frightened. I don’t like doors slamming themslevs, and I’m awful at being home alone.

Choc chip pumpkin bundt
So Halloween is not really my thing. I don’t delight in gore. In fact, I’m almost the complete opposite of everything Halloween-y.

Dinosaur biscuits

Except for the part with lollies. I’m allll about sweets!
I looked back over the Halloween creations I’ve put together in my two years of blogging and I wanted to compile them all, because they’re SO different to the usual Halloween recipes.

Angry Owl Cupcakes

I hope you’re planning on baking lots for Halloween, because there’s so much fun to be had – whether you opt for fake blood and grossness (like most), or colourful critters like me!

Spider cupcakes

I’m going to be away from a computer for the weekend, I’m off to the Hunter Valley to do some serious wine and cheese tasting. Keep an eye on my Instagram for regular vineyard-related updates!!

Chocolate pumpkin bundtWormy Orange Jelly

singleWorms in mud cupcakes

Happy Halloween all! Comment below and let me know what your Halloween plans are.


  1. Happy Halloween! All these Halloween creations look ama zing! I got a last minute invite to a Halloween party, so I’m going to be dressing up as Red Riding Hood (the only “costume” I have) and have fun with my friends 🙂 Too bad I don’t have any time to bake anything, since I have to study for my midterms…

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