Sharing recipes and mint chocolate crackles

chocolate crackles cardRegular readers will know that I recently held a teapot giveaway. I loved reading all of the fun, crazy, beautiful entries that people came up with. What most people don’t know is that the teapot giveaway started an ongoing relationship between Baking with Gab and the lovely people at

When I went into the House store, I got chatting to Cat, who worked behind the counter. I explained that I wasn’t buying four teapots for myself, I was going to give them away on my blog. She was enthusiastic and supportive of my blog and we’ve been chatting ever since. It makes me super happy that a chance meeting could result in one of my recipes being printed on a snazzy looking recipe card and shared with an even wider audience.

I wanted to share the recipe on the blog as well, so that nobody missed out on this delectable and speedy treat. Enjoy!

Mini chocolate mint crackles

patternMakes 36

  • 380g chocolate
  • 50g copha
  • 41/2 cups Rice Bubbles
  • ¾ cup crispy mint M&Ms
  • Sprinkles to decorate

pourLine two 24 cup mini muffin with mini cupcake cases.

Melt the copha and chocolate in your microwave, stirring at regular intervals to avoid burning the chocolate.

singlePut the Rice Bubbles into a mixing bowl and pour the melted ingredients over them. Mix thoroughly, ensuring each rice bubble is completely coated. Toss your M&Ms into the mix and distribute them evenly.

Scoop a tablespoon of mixture into each cupcake pan and press down lightly with the spoon. Top with sprinkles, if desired.

Pop in the fridge for half an hour and resist the urge to eat them until they’ve set!


My gorgeous Christmas bon-bon napkins were provided by Aqua Door Designs, a wonderful Brisbane-based design studio who print all of their linen by hand. You can find the bonbon napkins for sale on their Etsy page, here.

Mini chocolate mint cupcakes and December

bellsHello my lovelies. Christmas is creeping closer and I’m buzzing with excitement. So many things are happening – December always seem to run at such a frantic pace. My younger brother’s birthday was yesterday, friends and I are going for a wee sojourn to Mudgee this weekend, my birthday is edging closer,  the Boy’s parents are coming to visit from England, and I’ve got a teapot competition to wrap up oversee (check out this post to find out how to win!)

This is all before Christmas.

And this isn’t counting the numerous feasts that friends are planning in the days before Christmas. I need to invest in some stretchier fat pants, the Christmas season is far too kind to my belly! Continue reading “Mini chocolate mint cupcakes and December”

Caramel filled cinnamon men and little things:

icedToday was one of those days where small tasks were accomplished. I had to stay at home because a cabinet fitter spent all morning fitting a wall unit in our lounge room, so I pottered about, baked and did little jobs that usually get overlooked in favour of Christmas shopping/preparations at this time of year.

Somewhat inspired by the small tasks, I made small gingerbread men… except they aren’t gingerbread men, they’re cinnamon men.


I think I’ll stick with Cinnamon men, I like the repetition. Continue reading “Caramel filled cinnamon men and little things:”

Watermelon salad and Christmas smells

aboveWhen I was younger my brothers and cousins used to have competitions to see who could spit their watermelon seeds the furthest. We’d line up on Nan and Pop’s balcony in Nambucca, still in our swimmers from the morning’s beach adventures, and launch the tiny little black rockets towards a particularly large gum tree about 100 metres away.

Christmas day was never far away when these competitions took place. The house would be full of delicious Christmas smells; salt-laden-seaside air, cherries, ham, tea, and tinsel. Continue reading “Watermelon salad and Christmas smells”

Chocolate chai cupcakes and a subtle Christmas

sceneI’m ready for Christmas right now. Mother cooked a Christmas pudding last week and filled the house with delicious Christmassy smells. As Christmas draws close, I find it impossible to walk past a bowl full of alcohol soaked sultanas without sneaking a few into my mouth. Sultanas are usually such sad, puckered little things that I’m not too fussed about. Come Christmas, though, I can’t resist their alcohol-bloated siren song.

Sultanas have nothing to do with this post, I just really enjoyed sneaking them out of the mixture! I’m not ready to make full-blown Christmas related recipes thought, it’s still too early, so I’ve made these delightful little cupcakes, which are perfectly festive, but a little understated as well. Continue reading “Chocolate chai cupcakes and a subtle Christmas”

Vanilla Christmas biscuits and festivity

hollyI’ve been trying to resist posting Christmas recipes for about a fortnight now. I adore Christmas, but I dislike how it seems to creep earlier into our consciousness each year. In my family, we don’t buy our tree or decorate ANYTHING until December first (and there are two birthdays in the family to focus on before December 25th rolls around anyway.)

This year, however, I have caved; the combination of abundant free time and having the blog as an excuse to create delicious Christmas things means that I’m allowing myself a bit of a head start this year.

And what a start it is! These biccies are simple and adorable…and they don’t have to be Christmas themed if you don’t want!! I chose a star shaped cutter because I thought my family would scoff at my if I’d gone for the candy cane or Christmas tree shapes. The good thing about a basic biscuit mix like this is that it lends itself really well to any shape you want! Continue reading “Vanilla Christmas biscuits and festivity”